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    2017 August "Take Your Best Shot" Photo Contest 

    First and Foremost, We want to Thank all those that attended our First Friday/Photo contest awards! What a great turn out! Lots of smiles and everyone seemed to enjoy the wonderful photos.. The Youth bumped it up this year, what talent in our younger group. Imagination in taking photos is important and you can definitely see that.. Good Job Youth!

    "Take Your Best Shot" Photo Contest. 
    If you’re interested in entering, our next contest will be in February with submission dates the last week of January 2018.

    2017 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest Winners:

    Best of show/ Jeanne Riesen "Morton Mansion"

    1st place travel/ James Carmichael "Up 21"

    1st place Flowers/ Joanne Hays "Tulip Fields"

    1st Youth: Bella Dohnke "The Shoes"

    1st place :Landscape/ Larry La Com "Yosemite Falls"

    1st place: Altered Images /Susan Neiman "Water color'

    1st place : Animals /Anna Dohnke "flight".

    2nd place winners
    Autumn Shackelford / youth, Christine Odom /Altered, Anna Dohnke/animals,
    Erika H Elliott/elements of design, Gary Grela/ Flowers, Jenifer Selbrede/ Travel, 
    Jean Skaggs/Landscape.

    3rd place
    Francoise Renard /Animals, Francoise Renard/Flowers, Mikailey Judkins/Youth,
    Gary Grela/elements of Design, Jeremy Cable Jr/Youth, 
    Diana Palmer/Altered images
    Romelle Kemp/Landscape.

    Honorable Mention
    Dee Boose/travel-landscape, Joe Alverez/Altered, Diane Barber/Animal, 
    Susan Neiman /Elements of Design, Susan Neiman/ Flower, Carson Odneal/youth, 
    DJ Judkins/Travel


    2017 Chalk on the Walk

    Over 100 artists of all ages and talents came out for our Chalk on the Walk event for 2017! All proceeds go towards art supply donations to local area schools. Teachers, get your wish lists ready! 

    TVAA wishes to thank our 2017 Chalk on the Walk sponsors and donors, as follows:

    Sponsors: California Portland Cement-Energy Star Outreach, Tehachapi Candle Co., John the Plumber, The Loop Newspaper, Bank of the Sierra, Skylark North Glider School, Mike and Lara Berard, Seanco Custom Wheelchairs, Catherine Smirnoff (handweaver), Michael B. Jones, DDS, Jeannette Pauer (Coldwell Banker Realty), Snow Orthodontics, Monica's Junk Iron and Joshua Orrantia.

    Donors: California Portland Cement-Energy Star Outreach, Kohnen's Country Bakery, Hitching Post Theater, Monica's Junk Iron, Willie Rae Vasquez, Lucia Sandy, 31 Flavors Ice Cream, KMart, Jake's Steakhouse and McDonalds.

    Visit our Facebook page for a look at photos from the event. 


    2017 Youth Art Contest Winners and Event Photos

    Every April TVAA hosts the All Tehachapi Youth Art Contest at Gallery 'N' Gifts and every year we're in awe of the beautiful submissions by our talented young artists. The talent and passion for art shown by these students is what drives members of TVAA to continue their work in raising funds to help support the artistic dreams of Tehachapi's youth.

    Artisan Festivals, Silent Auctions, Photo Contests, Candy Sales and Chalk on the Walk are all fun community events which raise funds for high school art scholarships and art supply donations to local area schools. We feel it's important to foster creativity and are always trying to come up with new ideas to support and encourage artists of all ages. Interested in becoming a member of Tehachapi Valley Arts Association? Visit our "About Us" page!

    Here's a list of the 2017 Youth Art Contest winners:

    Best of Show, grades kindergarten through eighth: Cora Shea Sweeny

    Best of Show, grades ninth through twelfth: Audi Alcaraz


    Kindergarten, first and second grades:

    1st place: Greta Haas

    2nd place: Warren Woolf

    3rd place: Summer Kitt

    Honorable mention: McKay Pack

    Third and fourth grades:

    1st place: Katheryn Donnel

    2nd place: Milo Pack

    3rd place: Sadie DeVey

    Honorable mention: Hailey Fitch

    Fifth and sixth grades:

    1st place: Grace Keller

    2nd place: Naomi Donnel

    3rd place: Su Pollard

    Honorable mention: Kiera Judkins

    Honorable mention: Sophia Kendrick

    Seventh and eighth grades:

    1st place: Natalie Whiteside

    2nd place: Mikailey Judkins

    3rd place: Jacqueline Torres

    Honorable mention: Trinity Madden

    Ninth through twelfth grades:

    1st place: Christine Dieken

    2nd place: Ethan Tenderholt

    3rd place: Autumn Shackelford

    Honorable mention: Glenn Reoyo



    2017 Feb Photo Contest

    Tehachapi has an incredible amount of amazing photographic talent and a lot of it is on display for the month of February at Gallery 'N' Gifts for the 12 annual Photo Contest. With images ranging from prickly hedgehogs to amazing deep sea critters and photos from all over the world, fifty seven photographers bombarded the judges with 165 photo entries...and the winners are:

    Best of Show: Susan Neiman

    Animals: 1 Jessica Martin; 2 Adrian Walter; 3 Susan Miles; HM Anne McLean, Susan Neiman, Mikailey Judkins

    Black & White: 1 Vincent Hernandez; 2 Heather Tingley; 3 Jennifer Selbrede; HM Caleb Weston, Thomas Medaris

    Details & Macros: 1 Chris Naftel; 2 Vincent Hernandez; 3 Dennis Cowden; HM Chris Naftel

    Flowers: 1 Joanne Hays; 2 Mikailey Judkins; 3 Ashley Coles; HM Chris Naftel

    Landscape & Nature: 1 Susan Neiman; 2 Susan Neiman; 3 Jean Reisen; HM Christine Odom, Jennifer Selbrede

    People: 1 Adrian Walter; 2 Thomas Medaris; 3 Heather Tingley; HM Jim Carmichael

    Travel & Architecture: 1 Adrian Walter; 2 Jim Carmichael; 3 Hillorie Thomas; HM Jan Skaggs, Thomas Medaris

    Youth Photography: 1 Kiera Judkins; 2 Rachel Stillman; 3 Grace Miller; HM Diana Partridge, Jeremy Cable


    2016 Chalk on the Walk

    Chalk on the Walk was absolutely amazing this year! So many colorful artists and fun, vibrant works of art to go with them! It was nice to see so many participants in spite of the heat, but people were prepared with canopies, umbrellas, lots of sunscreen and cases of water. There were over 60 participants and loads of neat prizes! (Be sure to check out our album for more photos. They will also be posted on our website soon. 
    Before we get to the winners we absolutely have to thank event coordinator Michelle Miller and her team of judges and volunteers who helped make this event great! We’d also like to take this time to express our heartfelt appreciation for our numerous sponsors whomake this event possible with their generous support! Please be sure to thank and visit the following sponsors: Mountain Aire Estates, Tehachapi Candle Co, Lindsey Ornamental Iron, Monica's junk iron, Jake's Steakhouse, The Loop newspaper, Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association, Guy & Diana Munday, Dessy & Dessy Law, Seanco Custom Wheelchairs, Front Porch Bakery, Skylark North Glider Flight School, Aerius Imagery, Michael Jones DDS, and Carol Miller, Realtor. 
    We also had many prize donors who contributed to the fun with their awesome prizes. Thank you so much; Kohnen's, Albertsons, Kmart, Henry's Restaurant, 31 Flavors, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Sonic, Hitching Post Theaters, Starbucks, Burger King, and Big 5. 

    Now onto the winners! 

    Best of Show, Jessica Grant 

    TVAA Pick, Eric Lowe. 

    Grades 1 and 2 
    First place: Chloe Dowlearn 
    Second place: William Kennison 
    Third place: Maddie Whitaker 
    Fourth place: Sophie Genardini 
    Fifth place: Jasmine Hernandez 

    Grades 3, 4 and 5 
    First place: Anna Cable 
    Second place: Emily Kennison 
    Third place: Collin Mullins 
    Fourth place: Kayleen Patrick 
    Fifth place: Seth Beyer 

    Grades 6, 7 and 8 
    First place: Jacqueline Torres 
    Second place: Ella Whitney 
    Third place: Allison Jacobson 
    Fourth place: Ava Stewart 
    Fifth place: Mika Judkins 

    High School 
    First place: Hanna DeAguero 
    Second place: Krista Link 
    Third place: Megan Fisher 
    Fourth place: Max Bittner 

    First place: Zachary Patterson 
    Second place: Ericka Gonzales 
    Third place: Larissa Burt 
    Fourth place: Lisa Burt 
    Fifth place: Adam Cree 

    Family & Group 
    First place: Betty Finch 
    Second place: The Donnel Cousins 
    Third place: Hanna Nicholson 
    Fourth place: Brenda Valesco and Kellyann Ball 
    Fifth place: Coleen Smith

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