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    2015 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest

    43 photographers submitted 150 photos for our annual August Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest. This year we mixed up the categories a bit and our contestants really WOWed the judges with their entries. As contest coordinator for every contest so far, I've never seen the judges have such a difficult time judging. There were just too many entries deserving of awards! congratulations and thanks to all of our contestants, you did an amazing job! 

    Below is a list of winners: 

    Best of Show: Susan Kohkonen - Down at Strawberry Marina 

    Action 1. Heather Tingley – Grand Slam 2. Chris Naftel – One Direction 3. Rob Mezaros – Hungry Mantis HM. Kelly Miller – Trick Roper 

    Altered Images 1. Missy Sutton – Mr. Rusty 2. Susan Kohkonen – Little Miss Shutterbug 3. Austin Miller – The Return of Tonto HM. Diana Palmer – In Safe Hands 

    By Land, Sea & Air 1. Susan Kohkonen - Down at Strawberry Marina 2. Heather Tingley – Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies 3. Austin Miller – Look up…I Mean Down HM. Gail Martin – Perpendicular funicular in Particular HM. Thomas Medaris – 57 Chevy Belair 

    Elements of Design 1. Joanne Hays – Gypsy 2. Rob Mezaros – Untitled 3. DJ Judkins – Lighthouse Sunset in Tehachapi HM. Sonja Bronson – Morning rites HM. Austin Miller – They Are Among Us 

    Favorite Sights and Places 1. James Carmichael – Kilkenny, Ireland 2. Rob Mezaros – Untitled 3. Nancy Wilkinson – City of York HM. Sonja Bronson – Shore Leave HM. James Carmichael – Old Cemetery HM. Chris Naftel – Bonaire Pelican HM. Chris Naftel – Buckeye Butterfly 

    Food & Drink 1. Sharon Weisbard – Harvest bouquet 2. Gail Martin - Taco Tuesday 3. Gail Martin – Cold One at Crow & Gote 

    Silly Selfies HM. Austin Miller – Laugh at Yourself 

    Youth Photography 1. Grace Miller – Percheron Thunder 2. Grace Miller – Summer Smile 3. Grace Miller – Splash HM. Abby Evansic – Cuttlefish Swimming in a Tank HM. Tony Horn – Pety the Piranha


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