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    2016 TVAA Photo Contest

    A super fun time was had by everyone in attendance tonight at our TVAA Photo Contest Reception! Amazing photos, delicious food and lots of shop talk about photography. The community turn out was overwhelming and it was so neat to see how many people turned out in support of our super talented contest participants! 
    This contest is held twice a year (February and August) and it's popularity grows every year. Plan ahead and don't miss out on participating in August! Submissions will be accepted July 25 through August 1, 2016. 
    This year the contest featured over 50 local area photographers as well as a whole separate mini sub-contest which featured 30 photographers from the Tehachapi High School Photography Class taught by Carol Horst. Many visitors from the community showed up to see what our contest participants had to share this year and were not disappointed in the caliber of talent on display. 

    We are so pleased to congratulate Diana Palmer who took Best of Show honors with her photo titled "Old Barn Tack Room". She is also the first person to ever win Best of Show twice. Below is a full list of categories and ribbon winners. 

    Animals: 1. Ashley Holden 2. Thomas Medaris 3. Jeff Husted HM. Lori Marvin 
    Black & White:1. Thomas Medaris 2. Heather Tingley 3. Dennis Cowden 
    People: 1. Jeff Husted 2. Krista Tomlinson 3. Dan Kullrich HM. Patti Kullrich 
    Details & Macros: 1. Chris Naftel 2. JP Charmichael 3. Chris Naftel 
    Flowers: 1. Ashley Coles 2. Patti Kullrich 
    Landscape & Nature: 1. Jeanne Riesen 2. Dennis Cowden 3. JP Charmichael HM. Patti Kullrich 
    THS Photography Class: 1. Lizzie Segovia 2. Garrett March 3. Ethan Teare HM. Samira Alwanabi 
    Travel & Architecture: 1. Diana Palmer 2. DJ Judkins 3.Debbie Martin HM. DJ Judkins 
    Youth Photography: 1. Grace Miller 2. Grace Miller 3. Grace Miller HM. Nilas Orvin Ballard


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