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    2016 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest

    What a great evening! It's always fun to see what our photographer friends come up with for each photo contest. This contest was superb! Every year the contestants up their game! Here are some photos from the contest reception at our First Friday event tonight and a list of the winning photos: 

    Best of Show: 
    Francoise Renard 

    1 Francoise Renard 
    2 Chris Naftel 
    3 Chris Schatz 
    HM Peggy Horn, Dago V, Larry McClain 

    1 Vincent Hernandez 
    2 Neil Barney 
    3 Keira Judkins 
    HM Caroline Wasielewski, Vincent Hernandez 

    Altered Images: 
    1 Thomas Medaris 
    2 Neil Barney 
    3 Mika Judkins 
    HM Thomas Medaris 

    Elements of Design 
    1 Francoise Renard 
    2 Karen Schoen 
    3 Vincent Hernandez 
    HM Susan Miles, Klous D. Schade, Chris Schatz 

    1 Neil Barney 
    2 Francoise Renard 
    3 Vincent Hernandez 
    HM Klouse D. Schade, Susan Miles, Chris Schatz 

    Landscape & Nature 
    1 Susan Miles 
    2 Chris Naftel 
    3 DJ Judkins 
    HM Jeff Husted, Dago V 

    1 DJ Judkins 
    2 Chris Schatz 
    3 Klous D. Schade 
    HM Francoise Renard, John Weisbard 

    Youth Photography 
    1 Grace Miller 
    2 Grace Miller 
    3 Jeremy Cable Jr. 
    HM Ella Whitney, Grace Miller, Mika Judkins


    2016 Youth Art Contest

    Before we get to the "Winner's list" I just have to say... WOW and HOLY COW! We sure have a lot of amazingly talented young artists in our community! Every single entry this year is fantastic! So many creative ideas. Amazing use of color. Lots of different mediums! All who entered sure did a great job of showing off what it means to be an artist! Thank you all for participating in the 20th annual All Tehachapi Youth Art Contest. (Those of you who are seniors, be sure to apply for our scholarships! They are due April 20.) 

    2016 TVAA Youth Art Contest Winners 

    Best in Show Lower Grades: Cora Shea Sweeny “I’m fine, a self portrait.” 

    Best in Show High School: Karson Gilbert “Ram” 

    K, 1st & 2nd Grade: 1st place - Owen Keller “The wolf & it’s baby” : 2nd place - Lydia Henning “Indian Sunset” : 3rd place - Capri Cummings “The Bright Flier” : Honorable Mention- Katheryn Donnel “Windmill in the moonlight.” : Cade Hull “Light in the storm.” : Sophia Genardini “Cutie” 

    3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade: 1st place - Keera Madoski “Beautiful Bottles” : 2nd place - Mikailey Judkins “Smile!” : 3rd place - Marques E. Munos “Tricerotops Horridus” : Honorable Mention- Eden Beyer - “He is Risen, Indeed”: Charlotte Wilson - “Morning Glory” :Sadie DeVey - “Ocean Blue” 

    7th & 8th Grades: 1st place - Ethan Tenderholt “Rustic Barn” : 2nd place - Versailles Zendejas “Werewoolf at the Full Moon” : 3rd place - Ashley Lantana “Strumming Satyr” : Honorable Mention- Ella Whitney “Sunflower” : Joshua Beyer “Island Turtle” : Saida Woolf “Yellow” 

    9th – 12th Grade: 1st place - Carolyn Gallella “A Life Time” : 2nd place - Jessica Riggs “Horse” : 3rd place - Cierra Cole “Time Perception” : Honorable Mention: Gracie Nicholas “End of a Dream”: Trinity Short “Bright Flowers” : Autumn Shackelford “Chameleon” : Daisy Edwards “Dream on Missy”


    2016 TVAA Photo Contest

    A super fun time was had by everyone in attendance tonight at our TVAA Photo Contest Reception! Amazing photos, delicious food and lots of shop talk about photography. The community turn out was overwhelming and it was so neat to see how many people turned out in support of our super talented contest participants! 
    This contest is held twice a year (February and August) and it's popularity grows every year. Plan ahead and don't miss out on participating in August! Submissions will be accepted July 25 through August 1, 2016. 
    This year the contest featured over 50 local area photographers as well as a whole separate mini sub-contest which featured 30 photographers from the Tehachapi High School Photography Class taught by Carol Horst. Many visitors from the community showed up to see what our contest participants had to share this year and were not disappointed in the caliber of talent on display. 

    We are so pleased to congratulate Diana Palmer who took Best of Show honors with her photo titled "Old Barn Tack Room". She is also the first person to ever win Best of Show twice. Below is a full list of categories and ribbon winners. 

    Animals: 1. Ashley Holden 2. Thomas Medaris 3. Jeff Husted HM. Lori Marvin 
    Black & White:1. Thomas Medaris 2. Heather Tingley 3. Dennis Cowden 
    People: 1. Jeff Husted 2. Krista Tomlinson 3. Dan Kullrich HM. Patti Kullrich 
    Details & Macros: 1. Chris Naftel 2. JP Charmichael 3. Chris Naftel 
    Flowers: 1. Ashley Coles 2. Patti Kullrich 
    Landscape & Nature: 1. Jeanne Riesen 2. Dennis Cowden 3. JP Charmichael HM. Patti Kullrich 
    THS Photography Class: 1. Lizzie Segovia 2. Garrett March 3. Ethan Teare HM. Samira Alwanabi 
    Travel & Architecture: 1. Diana Palmer 2. DJ Judkins 3.Debbie Martin HM. DJ Judkins 
    Youth Photography: 1. Grace Miller 2. Grace Miller 3. Grace Miller HM. Nilas Orvin Ballard


    2015 Chalk on the Walk

    Results from 2015 TVAA Chalk on the Walk! (Be sure to look at our Facebook album for more pictures of this fun event! 



    1st-2nd grade: 
    1st place Katheryn Donnel 
    2nd place Sara Mc Quillen 
    3rd place Haley Richardson 

    3rd, 4th, 5th grade: 
    1st place Peyton Kirk 
    2nd place Kiera Judkins 
    3rd place Logan Renehan 

    6th, 7th, 8th grade: 
    1st place Amanda Arebalo 
    2nd place Cierra Bellah 
    3rd place Jaqueline Torres 

    High School 
    1st place Krista Link 
    2nd place Bridget Lucas 
    3rd place Nicole Williams 

    1st place Autumn Burt 
    2nd place James Ramos 
    3rd place Zach Patterson 

    Family or Group 
    1st place Mojave River Academy 
    2nd place Mojave River Academy 
    3rd place Sosnowski Boys


    2015 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest

    43 photographers submitted 150 photos for our annual August Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest. This year we mixed up the categories a bit and our contestants really WOWed the judges with their entries. As contest coordinator for every contest so far, I've never seen the judges have such a difficult time judging. There were just too many entries deserving of awards! congratulations and thanks to all of our contestants, you did an amazing job! 

    Below is a list of winners: 

    Best of Show: Susan Kohkonen - Down at Strawberry Marina 

    Action 1. Heather Tingley – Grand Slam 2. Chris Naftel – One Direction 3. Rob Mezaros – Hungry Mantis HM. Kelly Miller – Trick Roper 

    Altered Images 1. Missy Sutton – Mr. Rusty 2. Susan Kohkonen – Little Miss Shutterbug 3. Austin Miller – The Return of Tonto HM. Diana Palmer – In Safe Hands 

    By Land, Sea & Air 1. Susan Kohkonen - Down at Strawberry Marina 2. Heather Tingley – Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies 3. Austin Miller – Look up…I Mean Down HM. Gail Martin – Perpendicular funicular in Particular HM. Thomas Medaris – 57 Chevy Belair 

    Elements of Design 1. Joanne Hays – Gypsy 2. Rob Mezaros – Untitled 3. DJ Judkins – Lighthouse Sunset in Tehachapi HM. Sonja Bronson – Morning rites HM. Austin Miller – They Are Among Us 

    Favorite Sights and Places 1. James Carmichael – Kilkenny, Ireland 2. Rob Mezaros – Untitled 3. Nancy Wilkinson – City of York HM. Sonja Bronson – Shore Leave HM. James Carmichael – Old Cemetery HM. Chris Naftel – Bonaire Pelican HM. Chris Naftel – Buckeye Butterfly 

    Food & Drink 1. Sharon Weisbard – Harvest bouquet 2. Gail Martin - Taco Tuesday 3. Gail Martin – Cold One at Crow & Gote 

    Silly Selfies HM. Austin Miller – Laugh at Yourself 

    Youth Photography 1. Grace Miller – Percheron Thunder 2. Grace Miller – Summer Smile 3. Grace Miller – Splash HM. Abby Evansic – Cuttlefish Swimming in a Tank HM. Tony Horn – Pety the Piranha

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