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  • 2015 Chalk on the Walk

    Results from 2015 TVAA Chalk on the Walk! (Be sure to look at our Facebook album for more pictures of this fun event! 



    1st-2nd grade: 
    1st place Katheryn Donnel 
    2nd place Sara Mc Quillen 
    3rd place Haley Richardson 

    3rd, 4th, 5th grade: 
    1st place Peyton Kirk 
    2nd place Kiera Judkins 
    3rd place Logan Renehan 

    6th, 7th, 8th grade: 
    1st place Amanda Arebalo 
    2nd place Cierra Bellah 
    3rd place Jaqueline Torres 

    High School 
    1st place Krista Link 
    2nd place Bridget Lucas 
    3rd place Nicole Williams 

    1st place Autumn Burt 
    2nd place James Ramos 
    3rd place Zach Patterson 

    Family or Group 
    1st place Mojave River Academy 
    2nd place Mojave River Academy 
    3rd place Sosnowski Boys

  • 2015 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest

    43 photographers submitted 150 photos for our annual August Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest. This year we mixed up the categories a bit and our contestants really WOWed the judges with their entries. As contest coordinator for every contest so far, I've never seen the judges have such a difficult time judging. There were just too many entries deserving of awards! congratulations and thanks to all of our contestants, you did an amazing job! 

    Below is a list of winners: 

    Best of Show: Susan Kohkonen - Down at Strawberry Marina 

    Action 1. Heather Tingley – Grand Slam 2. Chris Naftel – One Direction 3. Rob Mezaros – Hungry Mantis HM. Kelly Miller – Trick Roper 

    Altered Images 1. Missy Sutton – Mr. Rusty 2. Susan Kohkonen – Little Miss Shutterbug 3. Austin Miller – The Return of Tonto HM. Diana Palmer – In Safe Hands 

    By Land, Sea & Air 1. Susan Kohkonen - Down at Strawberry Marina 2. Heather Tingley – Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies 3. Austin Miller – Look up…I Mean Down HM. Gail Martin – Perpendicular funicular in Particular HM. Thomas Medaris – 57 Chevy Belair 

    Elements of Design 1. Joanne Hays – Gypsy 2. Rob Mezaros – Untitled 3. DJ Judkins – Lighthouse Sunset in Tehachapi HM. Sonja Bronson – Morning rites HM. Austin Miller – They Are Among Us 

    Favorite Sights and Places 1. James Carmichael – Kilkenny, Ireland 2. Rob Mezaros – Untitled 3. Nancy Wilkinson – City of York HM. Sonja Bronson – Shore Leave HM. James Carmichael – Old Cemetery HM. Chris Naftel – Bonaire Pelican HM. Chris Naftel – Buckeye Butterfly 

    Food & Drink 1. Sharon Weisbard – Harvest bouquet 2. Gail Martin - Taco Tuesday 3. Gail Martin – Cold One at Crow & Gote 

    Silly Selfies HM. Austin Miller – Laugh at Yourself 

    Youth Photography 1. Grace Miller – Percheron Thunder 2. Grace Miller – Summer Smile 3. Grace Miller – Splash HM. Abby Evansic – Cuttlefish Swimming in a Tank HM. Tony Horn – Pety the Piranha

  • 2015 Youth Art Contest


    Best In Show 9th – 12 Grade: Jessica Grant - “It Comes Naturally” 

    Best In Show K-8th Grade: Carolyn Gallella - “Self Portrait” 

    Kindergarten: 1st Place: Warren Woolf - “Blue Whale” 

    1st & 2nd Grade: 1st Place: Liam Haas-“Lindin”, 2nd Place: MacKenzie Fitch - “Jungle Friends”, 3rd Place: Lilliana Line - “Made-Up Magic”, HM: Valeria Leon - “Desert Color” 

    3rd & 4th Grade: 1st Place: KiKi Judkins - “The Mystery Monster”, 2nd Place: Camille Whitten –“Sea Dragon of Atlantis”, 3rd Place: Eden Beyer - “Spring”, HM: Jillian Parker - “Butterfly Flowers” 

    5th & 6th Grade: 1st Place: Lauren Follis - “Lake at Night”, 2nd Place: Ella Whitney - “Zantango Cat”, 3rd Place: Cassandra Smith - “Elephant”, HM: Ella Hutchison -“Colorful Feelings”; Nat Whiteside - Vocaloid Gir” 

    7th & 8th Grade: 1st Place: Ethan Tenderholt - “Zebra”, 2nd Place: Nathan Beyer - “Forest”, 3rd Place: Cierra Bellah - “Valentine”, HM: Jennifer Buchanan - “Beautiful Eye”, 

    9th-12th Grade: 1st Place: Daylynn Buntin - “Color Run”, 2nd Place: Madyson McLaughlin - “Ansel Algort”, 3rd Place: Evan Tenderholt - “Elephant”, HM: Jackalyn Grant – “Bird”; Nicole Williams - “Mad Hatter”; Autumn Shackelford – “Sea Dream” 

  • 2015 TVAA Photo Contest

    Twice a year in February and August Tehachapi Valley Arts Association celebrates and showcases our local photographers at their best. This month the walls at Gallery ‘N’ Gifts are filled to capacity with 172 photos submitted by 53 photographers for the 9th annual TVAA Photo Contest. On First Friday February 6th winners were announced during a First Friday reception with music, food and plenty of camera talk. 

    Best of Show Winner was Heather Tingley with her entry in the People category titled “Joyful Innocence”.
    Other winning ribbons were given in the following categories: 

    Animals: 1. Arden Howell, 2. Gale Caldwell, 3. Cheryl Esquivel, Honorable Mentions Diana Fifer, Dago V 

    Black & White: 1. Dennis Cowden, 2. Nelson Gonzalez Amado, 3. Austin Miller, Honorable Mentions Ritchie Roesch, Diana Palmer 

    Details & Macros: 1. Susan Kohkonen, 2. Gale Caldwell, 3. Arden Howell, Honorable Mentions Sam Lysse, Nelson Gonzalez Amado 

    Digital Darkroom: Diana Palmer, 2. Susan Kohkonen, 3. Jan Alford, Gail Martin, Thomas Medaris 

    Flowers: 1. Gail Martin, 2. Deanna Brown, 3. Deanna Brown 

    Landscape & Nature: 1. Heather Tingley, 2. Diana Fifer, 3. Dylan Arbaut, Honorable Mentions Heather Tingley, Savannah Miranda, Dennis Cowden 

    People: 1. Heather Tingley, 2. Dylan Arbaut, 3. Vincent Hernandez, Honorable Mentions Diana Palmer 

    Tehachapi: 1. Dylan Arbaut, 2. Heather Tingley, 3. DJ Judkins, Honorable Mentions Kumbe Sadler, Vincent Hernandez 

    Travel & Architecture: 1. Nelson Gonzalez Amado, 2. Norma McClean, 3. Karen Schoen, Honorable Mentions Linda Oliver, Norma McClean, Virginia Walker 

    Youth Photography: 1. Kiera Judkins, 2. Grace Miller, 3. Grace Miller, Honorable Mentions Madison Marty, Grace Miller Samantha Storm

  • 2014 Chalk on the Walk

    Over 60 artists lined the sidewalks of Downtown Tehachapi bright and early on August 9th to begin the annual tradition of transforming an ordinary sidewalk into an extraordinary journey of color. This year’s artwork ranged from prehistoric times to insights to the future and everything in between. No matter what your artistic preference, there was something to please everyone. Several judges were overheard commenting that this was the toughest year yet, but they did manage to come up with a list of winners which is included below. 

    Best of Show
    Luke Boyd

    TVAA Favorite
    Rebecca Lee

    Family and Group: 1st Mendoza Family, 2nd Wagner Family, 3rd Sosnowski Boys

    Adult: 1st Nicole Hubbard, 2nd Saya Novinger, 3rd Amy Lyn Silguero, 4th Autumn Burt, 5th Griffin Lucas

    High School: 1st Nicole Williams, 2nd Kylee Main, 3rd Kyla Hansen

    Middle School: 1st Krista Link, 2nd Cierra Bellah, 3rd Rachel Stillman

    3-4-5 Grades: 1st Naomi Donnel, 2nd Joslyn Bellah, 3rd Allison Williams

    1-2 Grades: 1st Lillian Bouldin, 2nd Sarah McQuillen, 3rd Katheryn Donnel

    How do we convince our judges to take on such a tough job? We bribe them with a delicious luncheon put on by Marge Colby with help from Willie Ray Vasquez.

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