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  • 2014 Chalk on the Walk

    Over 60 artists lined the sidewalks of Downtown Tehachapi bright and early on August 9th to begin the annual tradition of transforming an ordinary sidewalk into an extraordinary journey of color. This year’s artwork ranged from prehistoric times to insights to the future and everything in between. No matter what your artistic preference, there was something to please everyone. Several judges were overheard commenting that this was the toughest year yet, but they did manage to come up with a list of winners which is included below. 

    Best of Show
    Luke Boyd

    TVAA Favorite
    Rebecca Lee

    Family and Group: 1st Mendoza Family, 2nd Wagner Family, 3rd Sosnowski Boys

    Adult: 1st Nicole Hubbard, 2nd Saya Novinger, 3rd Amy Lyn Silguero, 4th Autumn Burt, 5th Griffin Lucas

    High School: 1st Nicole Williams, 2nd Kylee Main, 3rd Kyla Hansen

    Middle School: 1st Krista Link, 2nd Cierra Bellah, 3rd Rachel Stillman

    3-4-5 Grades: 1st Naomi Donnel, 2nd Joslyn Bellah, 3rd Allison Williams

    1-2 Grades: 1st Lillian Bouldin, 2nd Sarah McQuillen, 3rd Katheryn Donnel

    How do we convince our judges to take on such a tough job? We bribe them with a delicious luncheon put on by Marge Colby with help from Willie Ray Vasquez.

  • 2014 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest

    2014 TVAA Photo Contest
    Tehachapi Valley Arts Association had quite a gathering of photography fans gather at their annual “Take Your Best Shot” Photography Contest. Over 25 photographers submitted entries for the contest and their creative efforts were well received by friends, family and community. If you missed out on the festivities Friday night, the show is available for viewing through August 27th at Gallery ‘N’ Gifts, 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd.

    And the winners were;

    Best of Show: Ruth Barney - Old Glory

    Landscape & Nature: 1st Ruth Barney - Old Glory, 2nd Dennis Cowden – Another rainless Day at Owens Lake, 3rd Michael Robinson – Tree-Kennedy Meadows, Honorable Mention Michael Robinson – Fire-Mojave

    Animals: 1st Diana Palmer – Peaceful Dawn, Dylan Arbaut – Intrigue, 3rd Michael Ferry – Morning Stretch, Honorable Mention Michael Ferry – A Star is Born 

    Black & White: 1st Dennis Cowden – Holey Rock, 2nd Michael Ferry – The Four Horsemen, 3rd Dylan Arbaut – Taking Your Chances, Honorable Mention Dylan Arbaut Flying High 

    Details & Macros: 1st Michael Robinson – Thorns, 2nd Dylan Arbaut – Snowy Web, 3rd Tiffany East Ferry – Handstand, Honorable Mention Michelle Read - Mussle Beach and Neil Barney – All Ready to Go 

    Digital Darkroom: 1st Neil Barney – Calm Before the Storm, Diana Palmer – Old Glory, 3rd Thomas Medaris – Historic Tehachapi Museum, Honorable Mention Thomas Medaris – Awesome Hotrod 

    Flowers: 1st Charles Arbaut – Spring Rain, 2nd Dennis Cowden – Cactus in Bloom, 3rd Karen Schoen – Purple Beauty, Honorable Mention John Weisbard – Cherry Blossom Time 

    People: 1st Thomas Medaris – Santa Barbara Street Person, 2nd Diana Palmer – Fiesta, 3rd Michelle Read – Nathan in a Tree, 

    Tehachapi: 1st Charles Arbaut – Power of Tehachapi, 2nd Diana Palmer – Summer Day, 3rd Michelle Read – Tehachapi Sunset 

    Travel & Architecture: 1st Michael Robinson – Going Down-Trona, 2nd Dennis Cowden – The Getty, 3rd Michael Robinson - Train-Montana, Honorable Mention Neil Barney – Can You See Me Now? And Dago V – Skeleton of the Seas 

    Youth Photography: 1st Sage Nelson – Make a Wish, 2nd Taylor C. Pace – Catching a Dream, 3rd Grace Miller – Little Buckaroo, Honorable Mentions Autumn Schackelford – Wedding Day and Sage Nelson – Forever and Always Friends

  • 2014 TVAA Photo Contest

    What an awesome contest! With a total of 270 this is the largest contest we've had to date! the judges had a tough time picking winners with so many fantastic photos to choose from. Thanks to everyone who entered and helped make this contest so much fun! Below is a list the the photos which received ribbons and photos from the reception.

    Best of Show
    Thomas Medaris – Petra

    1st Dennis Cowden – Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s off to …
    2nd Donal O’Sullivan – Passenger Dog
    3rd Judy Trauger – Rufous Hummingbird
    Honorable Mentions: Dan Henrdicks – Back Off, Dylan Arbaut – Bored of the Beach

    Black & White
    1st Amber Sickels – Getty Museum #3
    2nd Thomas Medaris – Old Truck Tehachapi Loop
    3rd Jerry D. Mathes II – Snags and Abandoned Monitors
    Honorable Mention: Jerry D. Mathes II – Sunset Tracks

    Details & Macros
    1st Kelly Miller – Daddy’s Hands
    2nd Jack Williams – Old Hinge
    3rd Dana Cooper – Lady Bug on White
    Honorable Mentions: Dana Cooper – Fire, Diana Palmer - The Hitchhiker

    Digital Darkroom
    1st Thomas Medaris – Petra
    2nd Thomas Medaris – 1956 Ford Custom
    3rd Susan Kohkonen- Mirror Mirror on the Wall
    Honorable Mention: Megan Bowman – Little Patriot

    Flowers & Still Life
    1st Diana Fifer – Cinderella Pumpkin
    2nd Joseph W. Kinn – My Morning Glory
    3rd Dana Cooper – Flat Flower
    Honorable Mentions: Tim Hopp – Lotus Flower, Tim Hopp – Water Lily, Julie O’Sullivan – Blind Date

    Landscape & Nature
    1st Diana Fifer – Lilacs Among the Oaks
    2nd Judy Trauger – Housekeeping Camp Bridge
    3rd Judy Trauger – First Snow
    Honorable Mentions: Valerie Santiago – Serenity in the Snow, Sheri Carter – Second Glances

    1st Susan Kohkonen – Singing for my Supper
    2nd Joseph W. Kinn – Boy Scout Paying Respect
    3rd Durwood Thrasher – Lee
    Honorable Mentions: Megan Bowman – Supporting our Troops

    1st Susan Kohkonen – Midnight Train in Tehachapi
    2nd Joseph W. Kinn – Hang Gliding in Cummings Valley
    3rd Jack Williams – Town Vetter

    Travel and Architecture 
    1st Kelly Price – Little Church in the Woods
    2nd Jack Williams – Oloron Ste. Marie

    Youth Photography
    1st Brittani Hanes – Lest we Forget
    2nd Adriana Graybeal – Above the Waves
    3rd Madison Marty – Marvin
    Honorable Mentions: Geraldo Ramirez – Lights, Grace Miller – Pine cone Perspective

  • 2013 Chalk on the Walk

    Over 72 artists with their family and friends turned out August 10th for our annual Chalk on the Walk event sponsored by Tehachapi Valley Arts Association. The sidewalks of downtown Tehachapi were transformed into brilliant colorful expressions of this community’s artistic imaginations. The weather was perfectly pleasant for the first time in years which brought out spectators by the dozens to wander along the sidewalks and visit with the artists as they worked on their creations. Judging was tough no matter what the age category was, but finally the judges came up with a list of award winners and I came up with some photos posted below 
    (Sorry some of them are in the shade, crooked, etc! Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see everything!)


    Best of Show
    Dakota Hokanson



    TVAA Favorite
    Luke Boyd

    Grades 1-2
    1. Emily Rohe
    2. Penn Whiteside
    3. Tyler Reed

    Grades 3-4-5
    1. Rebecca Carol
    2. Janelle Tangren
    3. Carter Yeomans

    Grades 6-7-8
    1. Bridget Lucas
    2. Krista Link
    3. Madison Knowles

    High School
    1. Kyla Hansen
    2. Sarah Passmore
    3. Griffen Lucas

    Family & Group
    1. Justine Boyd & Matt Johnson
    2. Charity & Amanda Bartel
    3. Kayleigh Rigby Vance

    1. Autumn Burt
    2. Emily Amparan
    3. Saya Novinger

  • 2013 Take Your Best Shot Photo Contest

    Each year the quality of photos gets better and better, this contest was no exception. We had an amazing turnout of talent for this year’s contest. Over 160 entries came in from various local photographers and our friend Francoise Renard joined us once again all the way from France. How do you like that, an international competition right here in our own little town? If you missed the reception on Friday night, there is still time to view the photos as the show will continue on through the end of August. Here’s the rundown of the winners in each category:

    Best of Show: Neil Barney, “The Gate Keeper”

    Black & White: 1. Neil Barney, 2. Francoise Renard, 3. Leslie Reynolds-Nuckolls, HM. Gale Caldwell, Michael Portanova, Austin Miller, Shelly Davis 

    Details & Macros: 1. Neil Barney, 2. Susan Kohkonen, 3. Sharon Weisbaro, HM. Gail Martin, Francoise Renard, Neil Barney

    Digital Darkroom: 1. Susan Kohkonen, 2. Diana Palmer, 3. Michael Portanova, HM. Gail Martin, Arden Howell

    Flowers: 1. Cathy Sibley, 2. Austin Miller, 3. Susan Kohkonen, HM. Cathy Sibley, Andy Caldwell, Gale Caldwell, Francoise Renard

    Landscape & Nature: 1. Cathleen Colbert, 2. Cathleen Colbert, 3. Francoise Renard, HM. Kristin Freed, Diana Palmer, Cathleen Colbert, Jennifer Williams

    Travel & Architecture: 1. Dennis Cowden, 2. Gail Martin, 3. Paul Smethurst, HM. Neil Barney, Gale Caldwell

    Youth Photography: 1. Turner Williams, 2. Nicole Ford, 3. Ally Holden, HM. Ally Holden, Ally Holden, Sam Lysse, Julie Stickney, Ashley Holden

    Animals: 1. Austin Miller, 2. Jerry Allen, 3. Francoise Renard, HM. Dennis Cowden, Francoise Renard, Diana Palmer

    People: 1. Jeanne Reisen, 2. Michael Portanova, 3. Scott Getschmann, HM. Gail Martin

    Tehachapi: 1. Thomas Medaris, 2. Leslie Reynolds-Nuckolls, 3. Arden Howell

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